This is the kind of design project that we really love – a deep dive into research and experimentation, hundreds of hours of testing and refining, and a super high-quality product helping rescue personnel save lives more effectively. Paratech's Multiforce Air Lifting Bag takes lifting to a whole new level. The aramid fiber reinforced neoprene bag is capable of lifting 31 U.S. tons up to 26 inches @ 150 p.s.i. The undulated geometry allows operators to lift higher than any other single air bag in the industry while maintaining a low insertion height. The continuous aramid weave forms a bullet proof shield throughout the entire product with no mechanical connections between air chambers. This means a safer lift with less potential failure points. The Multiforce remote placement platform makes the entire system even more versatile. It provides flexible stability during lifts, a telescoping pole keeps personnel out of harm's way, transport wheels for fast deployment and locking features for storage and transport. Clear Irons played a significant role in this development program. We not only came up with concepts and tested them, but also helped develop the tooling and molding system at the heart of the system.